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29 oktober 2015

An amazing addition to my host family

Soooo, the people that know me or actually read my blog knows that I have an Italian friend called Simone who went to the same NY camp as me, goes to the same school as me, lives a few minutes away from my house, and is an amazing friend of mine.
Well, he's been living in a welcome host family since he got here two months ago. And a welcome family is a family that hosts you until your local coordinator finds you another host family. This can take one day to a few months, and our local coordinator hasn't found a good host family for him yet. My host family knows about this and the other day my host mom suggested that he could live here. My first instinct was no, because when I filled out the application for going here I said I really didn't want to get placed with another exchange student. The reasons for that was that I wanted my host family to be MY host family and i wanted my year to be MY year and didn't want to have to compare my year to someone else's.
After she suggested it I thought about it and I talked to my mom back in Sweden (Actually when Simone was sitting next to me, because he didn't know because I was speaking swedish) and I realized that this was a really good thing. I've always wanted a brother (and let me tell you, me and Simone already act like we are siblings), he is such a good friend of mine, Margie will move out in a few days which will make the house very empty, I didn't wan him to move farther away from me, and overall he is just such an amazing guy that living with him would be the best thing ever. So yesterday I told my host mom that I wanted him to live here if of course they wanted him to live here.
And today we hung out at the mall with some other exchange students and our Regional coordinator drove us home, me and Simone and her hostson from Lebanon. She says: Well, Simone, Natalie's parents called today and they would like to host y-. This is the part where I kind of started screaming because I was so happy so I told Simone the rest and he was sooo happy to hear the news, and I'm like, omg I'll have a host brotheeer,
Anyways there is some paperwork that needs to be done but he will probably move in this weekend or first thing next week and GUYS I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED.

I should go to sleep right now but this day has been so awesome I'm just so so so sos sossosos happy right now and I can't calm down.

I promise to write about the pumpkin patch and the pumpkin carving very soon (It was aaaaamazing),

And I just wanted to say a thing that you really realize when you are an exchange student. You may think you are very sure about something or know how things will kind of turn out, but sometimes you may change your opinion in a millisecond or your whole situation changes in milliseconds and the year turns out to be something compleeetely different than what you first thought. And this is definitely not a bad thing.
I could not be more happy for living in the amazing and loving host family that I live in, because I love them all and they feel just like my real family and I'm so incredibly happy for that.

Ha det gött!

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