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27 februari 2016

California Adventure/Disneyland Day 1

So day 1 california adventure opened an hour earlier for disneyhotel guests, which includes us. This is called magic hour. So we were in line at 7 and got in the park around that time. The first thing we did was the radiator spring racers (the cars ride) which I love so so much. Actually think that´s my favorite ride. I was totally amazed by californiia adventure. We walked around for several hours, but in the afternoon we felt pretty done with california adventure so we went to disneyland which was evenmore amazing and magical. We spent the rest of the day at disneyland which closed at midnight and me and Megan got back at like 12.30. There was almost no line the last hour so we went on a looot of rides which was awesome. That´s pretty much day 1. I could tell you a thousand more things but I´ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

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