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15 december 2015


So this weekend we went to Leavenworth with international club. It is a town approximately 3 and a half hours away from here. People go there around Christmas because in the evening they light up the town in Christmas lights and it is very beautiful. It is a bavarian town, so it is super cute. It was snowing the whole day which was pretty. They also had a lot of signs in German (which I understood, so I haven't forgotten all the German I've learned the last couple of years) and some german food, so it was kind of like heaven. I don't really feel like explaining the whole day so I'm just gonna let the pictures talk for themselves.

Simone slept on my shoulder most of the way

Me, Wasia and Simone

Me and the German flag, I just had to

Only in America

Okay maybe it was raining in the beginning when we got there

But look, it's snowing

Beautiful host brother

Dyngblota men glada anda

Nate, Wasia, Simone, and me

Jesse (american), me, Wasia, Simone, Ingrid and Klara (Brazil)

Ha det gött!

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