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18 september 2015

Bilder from the first days in NY and first day of NYC

Nu tankte jag bara lagga in en masa bilder fran new york utan storre beskrivningar. Ska skriva mer om det nagon annan dag. Detta ar fran forsta dagarna i NY och forsta dagen i NYC.

Lily (New Zealand) and Laura (Italy) in SOHO

En kille som jobbade pa billabong och tog random selfie with Simone (Italy)

One of the buldings at  the college outside New York

Another building at the campus and Ingrid from the Netherlands

Another picture of Lily and Laura (the pictures are not in order I know,,)

A picture from the bus near Times Square

Another picture from the bus

The freedom tower which s located next to the 9/11 memorial

One of the two 9/11 memorial "pools"

Bad picture.. Me, Chiara (Italy) and Ingid (The Netherlands)

Two videos from the 9/11 memorial

Freedom tower

My absolutely wonderful NYC group, Laura, Simone (both Italy), me, Louise (Denmark), Lily (NZ), Laura (Italy)


A beautiful church

Central Park (Gossip girl fans!!!!)

Tusen amerikanska flaggor

Central Park

The famous boathouse at central park

Central Park

Once again

Video from the bus

Me and Ingrids room at the college (SSOO FREAKING HOT)

First american doorknob

Bad picture of the NYC-skyline (got much better ones the day after)

John Lennon memorial

Once agan

Central Park

Central Park

Ha det gött!

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